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Visual Artist : April 19th, 2013

“When you truthfully LOVE art, you will do the best you can to encourage others and share what you love to do. I am inspired by “EVERYONES” art. It moves me to work harder and not stay still. I learn from others, as I hope they learn from me. If you love art, and it moves you, do it to the best of your ability.” – Draceface of dRaCeFaCe Imagery.

Steve Drace Brown of dRaCeFaCe Imagery is a Professional Visual Artist from the state of Oklahoma. He has been a portrait artist for 16 years and professionally created pieces for 6 yrs. Starting at a very young age recreating images of animated characters, he begun his journey of art moving onwards to comics, anime, then studying the great masters of the Renaissance. From thereon, he gained a great love of the human body and its function during motions and emotions.

Drace now works with a team of models, photographers, makeup artists and hairstylists to create a shoot of the image in mind or an incredible idea that the model has suggested and wanted to come true. He is skilled in oil painting, pastel, chalk and pencil but predominantly works with Ball Point Ink pens to create his life-like images. He has been trained and is capable of using many styles, techniques, and mediums, however he is now focused on a style he created called “Scribescrawl” which is basically small intricate scribbles formed using various types of ink pens to form an image from afar. Using this scribble method creates a life like and stylistic image which will get more magnificent with time.

Drace draws inspiration from movies, music videos, greek Gods and various mythologies. His inspiration for creating his newer pieces is from the human emotions, attracted to simple eye looks and body language. He enjoys working with people and hearing ideas, so he is always anxious to work along with those who want to create a new idea artistically and even more excited if YOU are that person that would love to participate….

Drace’s  works has been exhibited in California, New York, Mississippi, Tennessee, Chicago, Kentucky, Florida, Australia, Yokosuka, Japan among other countries.  His current exhibits, Lily, Painted Lady and Cryptic Affection will be on view and for sale at RAW Natural Artists on April 25th (9am & 12pm) at 100 East California Ave, Oklahoma City. Presently, dRaCeFaCe Imagery is also featured on Etsy , Red Bubble and Deviant Art.
Major credits go to Drace’s photographer, John McCarthy aka “John from OKC” for 75% of the edited photos and newer art pieces due to their collaborations and teamwork with models.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, landscape, mural or photography, please browse Drace’s weblinks and send an email with intent to

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