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Poor Man’s Fame

Poor Man’s Fame

Music Artist, Rock : June 22nd, 2014

Female lead singer Tricia Kimbrell with her unique vocal sound, range and relatable lyrics and coupled with driving guitar/bass rifts from Kirt Kimbrell and Chad Cope. Each member of Poor Man’s Fame has 20+ experience with their respective instrument(s).

Poor Man’s Fame was contacted by a talent scout and sent to Atlanta to record at Universal Recording, Pendlewood Studios. Alex Rexroat produced the single All or Nothing. Once mastered and mixed All or Nothing also helped Poor Man’s Fame secure a record label deal with Indie Label, Medical Records. All or Nothing has shot up the Reverbnation charts and two albums are well on their way with the 1st album coming out in 2013.
Poor Man’s Fame’s All or Nothing has been featured on local radio stations like106.5FM in Charlotte, NC and 93.3FM in Greenville SC. All or Nothing is on a host of internet radio stations across the country. It has also been the fight track of the week on
The group is growing into its own. And they know what it takes to deliver to the fans and continue to create excellent music, while not letting all the hype get in the way.
Jump on board, be apart of the Poor Man Fame Family and help support new talent in the music industry. Again…Full Album Release , 2014 , be on the look out!




All or Nothing

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