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Hip Hop / R&B, Music Artist : September 30th, 2014

Once in a while, an artist comes along who causes you to rethink everything you thought you know about their field. Most times, this artist defies convention, sticking to what they believe in their heart to be true and broadcasting it out for the world to see. Some people understand it, others don’t. To those who understand, the gift has been given to decipher the artist’s intention and indulge in the work produced while the artist is still in their presence. Chuxx is one of these artists.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1988, Chuxx moved to Toronto, Canada in the late 2000s and began creating music. Starting off as a Music Producer, Chuxx programmed instrumentals on FL Studio (then known as Fruity Loops), later opting to rap on them. Upon graduating from college in 2010, Chuxx decided to focus on music as a career and founded his record label Blazing Shepherd. Chuxx’ music has undergone a severe makeover in recent years, with the artist choosing to focus on inspirational lyrics and diverse melodies in search of a sound that one can only term “Classic”.

Chuxx has performed at over 50 shows throughout Ontario, Canada including a memorable performance at the legendary Opera House in Toronto where he had the crowd singing along to his song “Coming Up” as well as a set at Canada’s largest Ribfest in Burlington, ON. Other crowd favorites by Chuxx include “Unbreakable” off his first EP “Road to Glory”, “Sinatra”, which is off his second EP “Redeemed” and “Fading Lights” which features Toronto artist aSeasonalMind. Chuxx has also collaborated with Big Shug of Gang Starr Foundation on “How We Roll pt. 2” and has seven mixtapes and three EPs in his catalog. Chuxx is currently working on his debut studio album “I Had a Dream” to be released in 2015 which features the aforementioned single “Coming Up” as well as his new singles “Nothing but a Dream” & “Runway”.

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